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Comprehensive offer of metal scrap


The processed scrap is prepared in the way that its form, dimensions, chemical composition and bulk density could ensure its economic and safe utilization as charging material in melting process. 
Processed scrap grades: HZ-E3G; HZ-EHRM; HZ-E1; HZ-E8; HZ-E5H. 


Unprocessed scrap- it is not suitable for direct use in melting process. It requires manual or mechanical processing to remove metallic or non-metallic impurities and to obtain appropriate form, dimensions and bulk density to utilize it safely and economically as charging material in a melting process.
Unprocessed scrap grades: N2; N5; N7; N10; ENS.

The supplied scrap cannot contain any hazardous, explosive, radioactive materials or materials of military origin, unprocessed has cylinders and LPG containers, complete used electrical and electronic devices or their parts and non-metallic impurities such as: slag, concrete, plastics, tars, wood, greases, soil, glass, rubber, batteries, fire extinguishers, tires and paints, lacquers, solvents and oil packages. 

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