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You’ll find our products in sports stadiums and public buildings as well as highways, bridges, railways and other structures nearly everywhere on the planet.

To serve this global market, CMC maintains facilities across the United States, Europe and Asia. These sites include everything from local recycling centers, steel mini-mills and micro-mills to large-scale fabrication centers, engineering operations, heat-treating facilities and other construction-related operations. And our corporate headquarters? You’ll find us proudly based in Irving, Texas not far from Dallas where CMC began more than a century ago.

While CMC products are renowned far and wide, it’s our vertically integrated business model that really put us on the map. CMC was the first steel manufacturer to introduce vertical integration in the United States, then adapted the concept for Europe. By combining the recycling and processing of scrap metals with the blending of processed scrap into new steel and the fabrication of finished steel products, CMC revolutionized the way the steel industry operates. This innovative approach is what still enables CMC to remain a low-cost, high-quality producer that delivers exceptional value for our customers, suppliers and investors alike—all around the world.


CMC has locations across the globe. To find a specific location please choose a region from the map.

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