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It’s pretty simple, corrosion is a serious problem when it comes to rebar. Corrosion can undermine the strength and durability of reinforced concrete systems.

If you’re constructing a bridge, condo on the beach, or other reinforced concrete structure, the threat of corrosion should be a concern. When a project is finished, exposure to the environment can lead to corrosion of the steel rebar, which will weaken the integrity of your structure. Sure, years down the road, the damage can be repaired… but repairs are expensive. 

Fortunately, CMC offers solutions to keep corrosion at bay. Introducing CMC’s Performance Reinforcing Steel Team, a group of trusted advisors dedicated to helping customers find the right solutions to make projects more durable, sustainable, and affordable. Our team can provide advice on design life, value engineering, and specific project requirements. Our collection of corrosion-resistant, innovative steel rebar solutions is designed to prolong the life of any reinforced concrete structure. With a range of performance options and price points to suit your needs and budget, you can choose just the right product for your project.

ChromX® is the most durable option CMC offers. It provides superior corrosion resistance that will save significant money over time. ChromX can last up to 100 years without requiring repair. By using ChromX, we can help you to optimize a high strength design with an extended service life. You'll also have the added benefit of being able to fabricate ChromX at any rebar fabrication facility.

GalvaBar® provides the proven corrosion protection of zinc and is readily available through your regular rebar supply chain. Unlike traditional hot-dipped galvanizing, GalvaBar’s innovative processing allows the fabrication of bars after coating – at any facility, or even out in the field. This makes GalvaBar an economical solution for a wide variety of extended design life applications. Its availability in inventory allows for significant time and cost reduction, permitting you to maintain better control of your shop’s schedule. GalvaBar is available in 20’ to 60’+ lengths in any grade and size of rebar.

Epoxy-coated rebar is the most widely specified and available corrosion solution. Our most economical corrosion-resistant option, epoxy also provides an exceptional service life. Epoxy-coated rebar is frequently selected to extend design life of reinforced concrete in coastal environments, transportation, and commercial applications. CMC’s vast network of facilities can deliver from coast to coast.

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