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Rebar Fabrication


CMC Rebar is the nation’s leading concrete reinforcing steel fabricator, and we have been the source of reinforcing steel to some of the largest landmark construction projects in the U.S. We understand the key role that on-time delivery plays in a successful project, and our ability to meet that demand is what has made us the preferred supplier in markets across the country. At each CMC Rebar facility, we have the estimating, detailing and fabricating experience to manage projects of any size and the flexibility to meet demanding deadlines and schedules. Our stability and size in the industry allows us to take on long term contracts that may span several years, providing reliable and predictable pricing so that your project stays within budget at the time of award. With CMC Rebar, you’ll have a partner who works with you to navigate today’s modern construction environment in the following markets:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Office buildings
  • Hotels and motels
  • Industrial
  • Manufacturing
  • Public
  • Power
  • Highway
  • Fabricated and stock length reinforcing steel
  • Fabricated and stock length epoxy-coated reinforcing steel
  • Stainless, galvanized and purple corrosive resistant rebar
  • Welded wire mesh
  • Couplers, form savers and end anchors
  • Welded hoops
  • Chairs and bolsters
  • Highway bridge expansion joint assemblies

Corrosion resistant rebar

CMC Rebar offers a complete range of rebar options at increasing corrosion-resistant levels to reinforce concrete structures with a variety of life expectancy requirements. Our full spectrum of products offers service lives between 30 and 100+ years and includes:

Epoxy coated rebar (ASTM A775), also known as green bar, is used to reinforce concrete when it will be exposed to corrosive conditions such as deicing salts in colder climates or marine waters in coastal environments. Epoxy coated rebar is primarily used in bridges, marine structures, parking garages and pavement and has a 30- to 50-year service life. Epoxy coating patch kits are available for field repairs if surfaces are nicked or scratched.

CMC Rebar operates eight epoxy coating facilities throughout the U.S. All our plants are CRSI certified ensuring our products adhere to the highest quality and all industry standards.

Galvanized rebar (ASTM A767) is another option for corrosion resistance. Galvanizing adds a coating of zinc to the bar extending the service life of the base steel underneath. Galvanized rebar has excellent bond characteristics to concrete and does not require special handling in the field.

GalvaBar® (ASTM 1094/A and 1094M-16) is a galvanized rebar produced only by CMC that features a zinc alloy coating that is applied using a specialized process. Galvabar® provides the corrosion protection of zinc and the added benefit of exceptional fabricating capabilities. GalvaBar® can be bent and fabricated after the galvanizing without peeling or flaking. Learn more about GalvaBar®.

Using a patented technology, we produce two grades of ChromX® reinforcing steel (ASTM 1035) suitable for highly corrosive environments with service lives of 40 to more than 100 years. Since ChromX® is an uncoated bar, it does not require special handling during fabrication or in the field. As a high-strength bar, it also reduces congestion problems and costs associated with installation and labor. Learn more about ChromX®.
Stainless steel reinforcing bar (ASTM A955) is an uncoated rebar with a service life of over 100 years and is ideal for highly corrosive environments. Stainless rebar is ideal for structures requiring an extremely long lifespan, like monuments or temples, or when you need non-magnetic reinforcement near equipment that is sensitive to magnetic fields, such as MRI machines.



Challenging project? No problem. Remote location? We’ve got it. At CMC Rebar, we know that quality products and quality service go hand in hand. Exceptional customer service is among CMC’s core values. We have experienced team members ready to serve your needs throughout the county, including:

  • In-house project estimating and bid day support
  • Dedicated project management and schedule coordination
  • Professional installation in select markets
  • On-site project managers in select markets
  • LEED trained professionals to help maximize LEED points projects
  • Nuclear Industry Assessment Committee (NIAC) quality assurance program that is in compliance with 10CFR50 Appendix B for our Charlotte, NC facility
  • Dedicated logistics for control of deliveries

Project management benefits

CMC’s on-site project management adds value to large and complex projects:

  • Improved scheduling of project activities, deliveries and installations
  • Issue resolution
  • Team and vendor coordination
  • Quality control

Installation service benefits

We provide installation of rebar, PT cable and accessories in select markets. This service allows us to:

  • Provide a more streamlined and efficient installation
  • Optimize the use of off-site pre-assembly to minimize on-site labor
  • Fully manage the rebar contract
  • Coordinate between contractors and engineer of record

LEED® support benefits

CMC uses material with recycled content that meets the USGBC LEED® program guidelines in most regions of the U.S. Please contact your local salesperson for more information on the LEED® certification program and how we can assist in attaining a green building certification for your project. Learn more about LEED®.



Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge IN DALLAS, TX

Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge DALLAS, TX







AT&T Stadium IN Arlington, TX

AT&T Stadium Arlington, TX







Oroville Emergency Spillway IN Oroville, California

Oroville Emergency Spillway Oroville, California







To learn more about our rebar fabrication products and services or to request a quote, contact us today.

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