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In-House Engineering Services

Expert help every step of the way

Our team has completed thousands of projects in advanced construction technology. We are proud to have engineered numerous high-profile construction and restoration projects nationwide.

Whether you are beginning construction or have a property needing restoration, CMC Cable can help. Our engineered services offer a full range of professional construction services.


Our in-house support services

Advising Pour Layout and Sequencing

Our engineering teams can advise cost-effective pour layout and sequencing through design value engineering.

Design During Preconstruction

CMC offers preliminary designs for rebar and post-tensioning material and labor for new construction.

Design-Build is Executed with Maximum Economy

We can provide negotiated fast-track and design-build projects that are assembled early. Our national team can collaborate to provide the most efficient and economical solutions for any project.

Strengthening and Adaptive Reuse Solutions

Our engineers can work with consultants to design strengthening solutions for old or new buildings, applying their significant knowledge of building code reviews.

Value Engineering for Substantial Cost Savings

We can review plans and specs and make cost and time-saving adjustments for construction and restoration.

Historic preservation is a challenging and rewarding process. Terra-cotta, limestone, travertine, concrete, marble, granite, and brick can all be restored by specialized work teams. Our teams are expertly qualified to assist in historic preservation.

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