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  • Barbara Smith

    Barbara Smith

    Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer

  • Vicki Avril-Groves

    Vicki Avril-Groves

    Retired - Former President and CEO IPSCO Tubulars, Inc.

  • Lisa M. Barton

    Lisa M. Barton

    Executive Vice President – Utilities for American Electric Power Co., Inc.

  • Rhys J. Best

    Rhys J. Best

    Former Chairman, President, CEO and Director of Lone Star Technologies, Inc.

  • Richard B. Kelson

    Richard B. Kelson

    President and CEO, ServCo, LLC

  • Peter R. Matt

    Peter R. Matt

    Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Constellium N.V.

  • Rick J. Mills

    Rick J. Mills

    Former Corporate Vice President and President of Components Group of Cummins, Inc.

  • Sarah E. Raiss

    Sarah E. Raiss

    Retired Executive Vice President Corporate Services, TransCanada Corporation

  • J. David Smith

    J. David Smith

    Retired Chairman, President and CEO, Euromax International, Inc.

  • Charles L. Szews

    Charles L. Szews

    Retired – Former President and CEO of Oshkosh Corporation

  • Joseph C. Winkler

    Joseph C. Winkler

    Lead Director; Former Chairman and CEO of Complete Production Services, Inc.

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