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Barrier Cable

A safe barrier

CMC Cable offers barrier cables for parking garages and other structures. Barrier cables require exactitude and expert implementation because pedestrian safety and your business liability are at stake.

We have been hired by businesses nationwide to implement expert barrier cable systems. Our work also includes fencing systems, barrier cable retrofits, code upgrades, restoration, replacement, and specialty services.

We offer a full range of barrier cable services, including fabrication in a PTI-certified plant, white-glove delivery, design, supply and installation, engineering support, and field service technicians to provide on-site project management assistance for system installation, stressing and sequencing.

Barrier Cable Types and Sizes

Barrier cable for parking structures and other large-scale projects must be engineered very specifically. Success starts with the right product. Our barrier cable is most typically a half-inch diameter strand. We can also accommodate other sizes if needed, depending on the project's requirements. Three kinds of barrier cable systems are:

  1. Galvanized
  2. Plastic coated

The most widely specified coating is Class A-ASTM A475 galvanization. Enhanced coatings include a zinc-aluminum alloy ASTM B750 Galfan, which enhances 3-to-1 corrosion performance.

Whether your goal is aesthetics and function or function alone, CMC Cable can work with you to ensure you have a solution that meets your project's requirements and provides only the highest safety and security.

Barrier Cable Anchorage and End Fittings

CMC Cable provides standard end anchorages and specialized end fittings. Our qualified engineers understand the exact formulas to ensure our barrier cables can handle the proper force. 

Standard end anchorages are utilized where access for stressing is available on the back side of the terminating support. These anchorages may be either recessed into a concrete column or wall or be surface mounted.

Specialized end anchorage components are available where access is not available on the back side of the cable termination. The end anchorage fittings and components may be protected through hot dip galvanizing (ASTM A153) or zinc plating conforming to ASTM B633.

All end anchorages and specialized end fittings allow for back stressing, as the Post-Tensioning Institute (PTI) requires.


Additional Services

CMC Cable is fabricated in PTI-certified plants strategically located across the United States. Quality craftsmanship is our goal for every project.  Specialized packaging is utilized to avoid damage during transport.

CMC Cable can provide P.E.-engineered shop drawings and can handle all materials, delivery and job site handling if needed, and installation requirements. Our crews are all experienced and PTI-Level 2 Certified field and Certified Welders. Installation is professional and timely.

CMC’s barrier cable engineers will design the complete barrier system according to the latest codes and PTI recommendations for vehicle and pedestrian restraint, including structural steel posts, intermediate supports, fencing, mesh, and terminations. Our structural engineers are registered professional engineers with many years of industry experience.

Our field service technicians can provide on-site assistance for system installation, stressing, and sequencing. Our turnkey design/build package comprises all materials, equipment, and installation services for the complete barrier system.
Mesh and fencing systems can be incorporated into the barrier cable system to provide a long-term security solution. Mesh and fencing can be vinyl-protected or galvanized based on architectural design specifications.
CMC Cable can provide turn-key stainless steel and galvanized wire rope assemblies for architectural handrail applications.

CMC Cable can retrofit a parking structure's existing barrier cable system to meet updated building code requirements or to help avoid a life safety issue.  Our team can also come in and replace or restore other companies' products that have prematurely deteriorated.

We can design new terminations and support posts to meet the newer and more stringent code requirements. Our expert team of engineers, project managers, and PTI-certified field crews are your turn-key source for barrier cable replacement.

CMC Cable superintendents and craft workers are also experienced in traffic coatings, sealants, and other specialty services. This work can be simultaneously completed during barrier cable installation, accelerating the total construction schedule.
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