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Green Corrosion Protection

Fusion Bonded Epoxy Rebar (ASTM A775) first hit the construction market in 1973, in a bridge project in Pennsylvania. From that moment on, epoxy coated rebar has become the standard for corrosion resistance in much of the United States.

During its first 30 years of use, standards for epoxy coated rebar evolved into what the industry experiences today – regulated by the Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute (CRSI) to ensure quality standards are met day after day. Today’s epoxy coated rebar customers can expect extended service life over standard steel rebar, taking the foundation of the concrete structures forward to the next era.

Engineered to stand up to the challenging conditions of corrosive environments in the construction industry, epoxy coated rebar provides among the highest levels of corrosion resistance, at the lowest industry price on the market.

It is readily available throughout America from any of CMC’s six CRSI Certified Epoxy Coating Facilities. Our facilities are distributed throughout the country to provide customers with easy access to our full line of products and accessories. Availability and timing are further streamlined as our coating facilities are also fabricators.

Epoxy coated rebar is available in A615, from grades 40 to 100, and in A706 if welding or increased seismic protection are required. No matter the requirements for your project, our team is ready to help provide the right epoxy solution you need, when and where you need it.

For further assistance, please contact your CMC Rebar sales representative.

For additional information on epoxy-coated rebar, refer to the FAQ below or contact your CMC sales representative.

Epoxy-coated rebar is widely used in reinforced concrete structures – especially in environments where corrosion is a concern. Common applications for epoxy-coated rebar include construction projects like bridges and highways, parking structures, marine applications and others. The epoxy coating acts as a protective barrier that helps to inhibit corrosion, resulting in a longer service life of whatever concrete structure it's in.

Yes, epoxy-coated rebar can be fabricated after it's been coated at the jobsite, with the permission of the lead engineer. However, it requires careful handling to avoid damaging the coating.

Any damage to the epoxy coating should be repaired following the requirements as specified in ASTM D3963.

It's important to maintain the integrity of the epoxy coating on rebar to ensure best performance. This includes ensuring that epoxy-coated rebar is handled, stored and transported appropriately, as any damage to the epoxy coating must be patched or repaired.

Epoxy coated rebar stored at a jobsite longer than two weeks should be covered in a non-opaque tarp to protect the coating from UV exposure.

Epoxy-coated rebar can be used in conjunction with other types of corrosion-resistant rebar solutions. However, it is important to observe all required specifications when using dissimilar metals or other types of reinforcement within the same structure. Ensure that proper design specifications and engineering considerations are taken into account when working with dissimilar metals.

CMC operates epoxy coating facilities strategically located to ensure that orders are delivered efficiently and effectively for our customers. 

If you have specific questions about the availability of epoxy-coated rebar, or are interested in a quote for an upcoming project, contact your CMC sales representative or visit our Contact Us page to submit an inquiry and have a member of our rebar fabrication team get in touch!

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