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Accountability for our actions

We believe that honesty and transparency are the best approaches to long-term sustainability. CMC’s foundation of strong governance is essential to demonstrating our values, building stakeholder trust and driving future success. Ethical conduct and integrity are at the core of CMC’s guiding principles and drive our culture every day.

CMC promotes open communication, transparency and accountability while striving to always do the right thing for our stakeholders. It is fundamental to our success that both our leaders and employees observe the highest ethical standards of business conduct in their interactions with our customers, employees, communities and investors.

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Information & Policies

  • CMC is dedicated to conducting business with partners who share our commitment to sustainability. Maintaining a responsible and reliable supply base is at the heart of sustainable business growth and meeting stakeholder expectations. We continuously evaluate our supplier practices, collaborating with critical suppliers to set goals and benchmark performance to promote efficiency and strengthen our supply chain.

    CMC maintains strong policies and processes to support a dependable and socially and environmentally responsible supply chain. We believe that maintaining transparent, respectful business partnerships is fundamental to good business practice and we aim to acquire supplies and materials from reliable and responsible sources.

    Click here to view our supplier code of conduct.
  • Commercial Metals Company and its employees participate in the public policy process in the United States in a variety of ways.

    Just like individual citizens, companies often share information and viewpoints on matters of public policy. Commercial Metals Company participates in this process in several ways. First, we organize activities to keep elected officials and policy makers better informed about key issues related to our business. Next, we maintain membership in creditable trade associations and other organizations that represent and promote our industry. And finally, our employees may contribute to various political campaigns through the CMC Employee Political Action Committee (PAC).  

    Click here to view our political contributions policy.

Risk Management

Our Board of Directors is the highest governance body at CMC and is responsible for appointing Senior Management. The Board and its Committees are responsible for monitoring and assessing significant risks to our business — including those related to ESG issues.  Click here for our complete corporate governance structure.

Sustainability has always been an integral component to CMC’s business strategy and culture. Our Risk Committee — composed of the members of our ELT — is responsible for defining, identifying and assessing the various risks facing CMC, formulating enterprise risk management policies and procedures and managing our risk exposures on a day-to-day basis. This includes monitoring, assessing and prioritizing potential ESG risks. Depending on the nature of the risk, a Board committee or the full Board then oversees the risk. The Risk committee meets regularly throughout the year and presents both an annual risk assessment and periodic updates as appropriate to the Board or the applicable Board committee. The Board assesses the risks and reviews risk mitigation options, which includes determining a response strategy and monitoring progress.

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