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We recognize the value of relationships and put people at the center of our business. We begin each meeting with safety to reinforce our commitment to working safely every day. We connect with our customers in a meaningful way to better understand their needs and we work together with our local communities to support the towns where we operate.  Our people are the most important aspect of our business.

We believe having a diverse workforce strengthens our business and we aim to build a welcoming and inclusive work environment. CMC values each individual’s unique opinion and approach, and this is represented in the diversity of our company. From our Board of Directors and Executive Leadership Team down to our hourly workforce, we focus on having a balanced and diverse workforce.

Social Information & Policies

  • Big ideas. Fresh perspectives. Uncommon skills. Everyone has something different to offer. Together, those differences make the whole group better.  

    That’s exactly why, at CMC, we see diversity as our strength. With employees from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences brought together in an environment that encourages everyone to make contributions, we become a smarter, stronger more capable company. Not to mention a better place to work.

    When it comes to how we measure our success — and value our employees — it really is “what’s inside that counts.”

    We achieve this by: 

    • Promoting collaboration by working together as a team to provide exceptional results
    • Creating an environment that fosters growth and advancement
    • Engaging with our stakeholders in a way that respects their unique perspectives and experiences

    We continually strive to hire and retain the best talent to create an environment where we foster an inclusive culture based on merit.

  • At CMC we take the safety and well-being of our employees very seriously.

    We believe there’s only one way to perform a job — the right way. The way that accomplishes a task or completes a project in a way that is correct, consistent and safe for all involved.

    As one of our guiding principles sets forth, “No amount of production or profit is worth injury to any employee.” It’s why CMC is fully committed to maintaining a safe and healthy work environment. But really, our commitment goes beyond the people who work for us. We care just as much about the health and well-being of our vendors, customers and communities in which we operate.

    Metal can be recycled. Lives can’t. At CMC, safety will always take top priority. 

    Click here to view our health and safety policy.

    Metric Unit 2019 2020 2021
    Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) # 1.56 1.53 1.47
       Contract labor TRIR # 0.14 0.11 0.11
    Total Lost Time Incident Rate (LTIR) # 0.49 0.72 0.74
    Total Near Miss Frequency Rate (NMFR)
    (includes both full time and contract labor)
    # 26.85 31.08 42.12
    Number of fatalities # 0 0 1
       Fatality rate # 0 0 0.1
       Contract labor fatalities # 0 0 0
    # Locations with zero incident rate # 118 117 103
    % U.S. employees participating in annual physicals % 90% 86% 86%
  • We believe our employees are the strength of our business and we depend on our technical experts and specialists to lead, grow and transform CMC. In addition, maintaining a diverse workforce of multiple perspectives can better support our long term goals. We invest in training and resources to empower and develop our employees and are committed to providing a safe, welcoming and stimulating work environment to attract and retain talent.  

    Through our robust talent management initiatives and human resources management, CMC has successfully fostered a strong culture where people enjoy working and stay for the long-term. As stated in our guiding principles, we value our employees and are committed to their personal and professional growth. 

    Click here to learn more about working at CMC.

  • CMC strongly supports and defends the fundamental human rights of our employees and suppliers. Our guiding principles serve as a compass for our decisions, actions and behaviors. They form a code that transcends the boundaries of culture and geography to direct us in how to respond to issues of basic human rights. At their heart, our principles are based on two simple concepts — integrity and a concern for the welfare of others.

    In early 2021, we updated our Workplace & Human Rights Policy to reflect updated international standards.

    Click here to view our workplace and human rights policy.

Giving Back

Several of our facilities have grown and expanded with the towns that surround them. In many cases, multiple generations of the same families have been part of the CMC family. This is why being a good corporate citizen is one of our guiding principles — engaging with our communities strengthens our reputation, builds good relationships and inspires employee engagement. Employees want to work for companies that support their communities and CMC employees repeatedly show us their commitment to engaging and strengthening the places where they live. We believe it is both a responsibility and an opportunity to engage with our communities and to attract and retain talent.

In addition to corporate initiatives and partnerships, CMC proudly supports local organizations in the towns where we operate. Our approach to giving back to our communities encompasses financial support through monetary donations, in-kind gifts of steel and other construction products and grassroots employee volunteerism. 

Click here to learn more about our community initiatives.

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