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ChromX - California Academy of Sciences

Innovative, energy efficient California Academy of Sciences defies corrosion with ChromX®

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ChromX rebar being installed for aquarium holding tank reinforcement at California Academy of Sciences

ChromX® rebar was used to reinforce the aquarium tank.

ChromX rebar being used for reinforcement in construction of the California Academy of Sciences

ChromX® rebar being installed during construction.

ChromX was used in construction for the California Academy of Sciences
The California Academy of Sciences officially opened in 2008.

Located in San Francisco, the 410,000 sq. ft. California Academy of Sciences is the largest Double Platinum LEED® building in the world. ChromX steel was used to provide a stable foundation and to reinforce a saltwater tank. The new addition features a museum, planetarium and an aquarium, and officially opened in 2008. ChromX® steel rebar was identified as a necessary component of the construction due to its high corrosion-resistant properties.

In environments susceptible to potentially corrosive elements, ChromX® rebar has been integral in ensuring a significantly improved service life, up to 100 years depending on the specific ChromX® product used. Various studies have independently verified that ChromX® steel products have up to two times the corrosion resistance of conventional rebar, and provide a superior alternative to other concrete reinforcement products like conventional rebar, epoxy-coated or galvanized rebar, and stainless steel.

ChromX® steel products present designers and architects with an innovative, proven solution for ensuring maximum service life despite potentially highly-corrosive environments, leading to lower service costs over the life of the structure.

By design, the Academy had to be well-integrated and constructed with the environment in mind. Ultimately attaining LEED® Platinum certification, the construction included approximately 11 million pounds of recycled steel. CMC’s steel products, including ChromX®, are manufactured using 100% recycled metal. See more about CMC’s LEED® and Sustainability initiatives.

Learn more about ChromX® products’ corrosion resistance properties and how ChromX® can benefit other building construction projects.

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