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Full range of innovative rebar

Manufactured primarily from recycled scrap, ChrōmX® rebar can be found in the world’s best-engineered construction projects. 

Scientifically engineered to provide more than a century of useful service life, our uncoated concrete reinforcing rebar and pavement dowel products are the preferred choice for project owners and engineers seeking superior performance that reduces overall life cycle service costs. 

ChrōmX 9000 Series steel rebar meets and/or exceeds the requirements of:

  • ASTM A615 (Grades 75 [520] and 80 [550])
  • ASTM A1035 (Grades 100 [690] and 120 [830])
  • AASHTO MP 18 (Grade100)

ChromX® is offered in 3 levels of corrosion resistance (ChromX® 9000 – 4000 – 2000) and 2 high-strength grades (Gr. 120 - 100).

ChrōmX 9000® Series (ASTM A1035 CS Grade 100 or 120) ChromX Product Series Chart

ChrōmX® 9000 Series (ChrōmX 9100® and ChrōmX 9120®) concrete reinforcing steels offer both high strength and corrosion resistance, solving difficult design and construction challenges. Utilizing the high strength of ChrōmX 9000® steel can relieve rebar congestion, lower material requirements, and save construction time and labor. The product’s corrosion protection improves the service life and reduces the life cycle cost for concrete structures even in highly corrosive environments. Its uncoated corrosion protection means no additional cost from special handling, coating inspection and repair while meeting a 100-year service life requirement specified on many infrastructure projects.

Independent tests show that ChrōmX 9100® yields twice the strength of conventional steel. It also provides five times more corrosion-resistance than conventional steel, and is a better suited material choice for applications when considering other corrosion-resistant products such as epoxy-coated rebar (ECR) and galvanized rebar. These advantages result in structures with more than a century of service life, as verified by numerous scientific, third-party studies on life cycle costs. Learn More.


ChrōmX 4000® Series (ASTM A1035 CM Grade 100 or 120)

ChrōmX 4000® Series (ASTM A1035 CM Grade 100 or 120) offers the same high-strength benefits with a medium level of corrosion resistance for projects requiring 40 to 60 years of service life, depending on the specific application and design of the concrete structure. Learn More.


ChrōmX 2000® Series (ASTM A1035 CL Grade 100 or 120)

ChrōmX 2000® Series (ASTM A1035 CL Grade 100 or 120) is a low cost product ideal for construction projects in which high strength designs reduce the amount of steel used, thus improving constructability and reducing construction time and costs for the owner. Learn More.

MMFX continues to develop and deliver ancillary steel products to the global construction industry through proprietary MMFX nanotechnology.  Products such as thread bar, anchor bolts, and couplers are marketed and sold both nationally and globally through OEM manufacturers and regional licensees.

For specific product-related questions about ChrōmX or to place an order, please contact your regional sales representative or call us at 866.466.7878. 

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