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A single source for all your needs

CMC Rebar provides a full range of rebar for your projects.

But we go further than that, CMC Rebar provides not only a full range of rebar, we also provide rebar accessories, giving you one source for a complete supply of concrete reinforcing products for your projects.

We manufacture or maintain strategic sourcing relationships with suppliers of other products to provide a single source for all your rebar needs. Our products include:

  • Fabricated reinforcing steel
  • Stock Length Rebar
  • Fabricated and stock length epoxy-coated reinforcing steel
  • Stainless, Galvanized and Purple Corrosive Resistant Rebar
  • Post-tensioned cable and Accessories
  • Welded Wire Mesh
  • Couplers, Formsavers, and end anchors
  • Welded Hoops
  • Anchor Bolts
  • Chairs and Bolsters
  • Couplers
  • Highway bridge expansion joint Assemblies

Corrosion Resistance

To resist the most harsh and corrosive climates and ensure long-lasting structures, CMC Rebar provides:

  • Epoxy Coated Rebar
  • Stainless Rebar
  • Galvanized Rebar
  • ChromX® Rebar

CMC Rebar operates nine epoxy coating facilities throughout the U.S. for the supply of fabricated epoxy coated rebar. All of our plants are CRSI certified ensuring our products adhere to highest quality and all industry standards.


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