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Cryogenic Rebar: Produced in the USA.

CMC's cryogenic rebar, CryoSTEEL™, is specifically designed and tested for the construction of liquified natural gas (LNG) tanks and other cold climate applications. 

What CryoSTEEL™ can do for you: 
  • Provide Shorter Lead Times: Our rebar is produced in the United States, which means shorter lead times and lower shipping costs. We are able to deliver with a 12 to 14 week lead time. 
  • Prevent Ordering Overage: Order the exact amount of CryoSTEEL™ you need and we'll deliver it to your jobsite. 
  • Exceeds Minimum Design Specs: As a result of the advanced production process, our cryogenic steel has been tested to withstand lower temperatures than the standard requirements. CryoSTEEL™ is designed to imperial dimensional standards, eliminating the need to convert to metric units.
  • Turnkey Solution For Fabrication: As a leading rebar fabricator, we can detail and fabricate your cryogenic rebar as well as deliver it directly to your jobsite. 

Specifications and Grades

ASTM A615 Grade 60 (60,000 PSI/420 MPa)

Rebar #4 (13mm), #5 (16mm), #6 (19mm), #8 (25mm), #9 (29mm), #10 (32mm)

CryoSTEEL-58: designed for LPG tanks or other structures exposed to temperatures down to -58°F (-50°C)
CryoSTEEL-265: designed for LNG and ethylene tanks or other structures exposed to temperatures from -58°F down to -265°F (-50°C to -165°C)

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