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Providing High Strength And Corrosion Resistance

MMFX® Technologies, a Commercial Metals Company, offers ChromX®, a high-strength concrete reinforcing steel with varying levels of corrosion resistance.


Patented Microstructure

Typical carbon steels form a matrix of chemically dissimilar materials – carbide and ferrite. These carbides are strong, yet brittle – immovable at the grain boundaries. In a moist environment, a battery-like effect occurs between the carbides and the ferrites that destroy the steel from the inside out. This effect (a microgalvanic cell) is the primary corrosion initiator with conventional steel.

Steel made using MMFX® nanotechnology does not form these microgalvanic cells. In fact, ChromX® 9100, formerly MMFX2, steel products have a completely different structure at the nano or atomic scale (a lath structure resembling “plywood”). This “plywood” effect lends amazing strength, ductility, toughness and corrosion resistance.

This patented microstructure technology, only available in ChromX®, provides your projects with an economical solution for:

High Strength. 
Corrosion Resistance.  
Over 100-Year Service Life.

ChromX® concrete reinforcing steel exceeds project needs with innovation and precision, whether it's high strength, corrosion protection, or both.  Designers utilize the high-strength efficiencies and best match the corrosion protection requirements of the structure to meet or exceed the targeted strength requirements and service life of their project.  

With yield strengths of 100 ksi and 120 ksi, the products solve difficult rebar congestion problems. While contractors realize significant up-front savings by reducing construction materials and shortening timelines, owners realize long-term cost savings due to ChromX®'s 100-year product life-cycle. Together, these two attributes result in a project's life-cycle that can reach 100 years and beyond.


Optimize Strength.

ChromX® provides 2X the strength of conventional steel, which:

  • Solves rebar congestion issues
  • Reduces on-site installation and labors costs
  • Enhances site safety by lowering installation time
  • Lowers cage weights
  • Requires up to 40% less steel
  • Ductility of ChromX® is equivalent or better than conventional 75 ksi steel        

Independent tests show that ChromX® provides twice the strength of conventional steel, making it an ideal solution for congested columns or other structures. By utilizing ChromX® rebar’s high strength grade of 100 ksi (690 MPa) or 120 ksi (830 MPa) structural elements can be designed with 20% – 50% less steel, reducing initial material, labor and other associated construction costs.

Building codes and design guides supporting high-strength designs are available through the American Concrete Institute (ACI), the International Code Council (ICC) and the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO).

Click HERE for more information on ChromX®'s High Strength Capabilities.


Defy Corrosion. 

ChromX® offers up to 5X more corrosion resistance than conventional steel, which:

  • Stands up to harmful corrosion
  • Lowers life-cycle costs
  • Provides up to 100+ year service life
ChromX® provides five times more corrosion-resistance than conventional steel and is more durable than coated products such as epoxy-coated rebar (ECR) and galvanized rebar. Stainless steel rebar provides favorable corrosion-resistance properties; however, up-front costs that are two to three times higher make it an uneconomical option.  

The uncoated nature and corrosion resistant qualities of ChromX® at a reasonable cost result in structures with more than a century of service life, as verified by a number of scientific, third-party studies on lifecycle costs.

Click HERE for more information on ChromX®'s Corrosion Resistance Capabilities.

ChromX® rebar’s uncoated, corrosion-resistance is derived from the steel’s chemistry and microstructure, resulting in a bar that can be handled and fabricated like conventional rebar without the risk of damage, repair or inspection issues. ChromX®  products are manufactured in multiple locations and are available coast-to-coast. ChromX® steel products can be purchased mill direct in truckload or railcar quantities. Fabrication services are offered nationwide at CMC’s rebar fabrication locations, making ChromX® products the one-stop solution for high strength and corrosion resistant steel construction.


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