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Committed to Innovation

MMFX® Technologies specializes in advanced nano steel technologies to provide improved strength and corrosion resistance properties. 

We are dedicated to formulating innovative steel technologies that span multiple markets and to delivering solutions to ongoing challenges faced by steel consumers. As a dependable technical resource, MMFX® continuously strives to deliver unmatched value to our customers.


About MMFX

MMFX’s decades of research and product development has eliminated long-standing limitations faced by structural engineers and the construction industry by introducing our ChrōmX® brand steel product line. ChrōmX® provides varying levels of corrosion resistance and high-strength properties so designers can leverage efficiencies that pair best with even the most stringent corrosion protection requirements of a given project.

To learn more about MMFX® and our line of corrosion resistant, high strength products, please visit

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