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Superior strength and surface quality

CMC offers TruSTRENGTH high strength steel plate in a variety of grades ranging from 110 to 140 ksi.

Melted and manufactured in the USA, our high-strength plate meets ASTM chemical and mechanical properties and can be welded, is formable and ready to be fabricated. 



Our TruFLAT Guarantee ensures that TruSTRENGTH plate excels in downstream fabrication processes. Our state-of-the-art heat treating, quenching and tempering process reduces and relieves the stresses induced during manufacturing, ensuring the parts remain flat when cut. CMC is proud to offer our cutting-edge TruFLAT technology for most plate products .300” and thinner, with a flatness guarantee of ¼ ASTM A6 standards and significantly exceeding typical standards for flatness.


Surface Quality

TruSTRENGTH high-strength plate products have a superior surface quality that produces a smooth finish ready for exposed or painted applications.


TruSTRENGTH Plate Applications

Our high-strength steel plate is an integral part of products in industries that call for a high-performance steel solution.

TruSTRENGTH high-strength steel plate products have various uses and applications, but primarily lend their strength to the transportation, DOT and construction fields, including strengthening:

  • Medium and long-haul trucks
  • Oilfield rigs
  • Forestry trucks and harvesters
  • Rail cars
  • Jet bridges
  • Heavy transport trucks
  • Mobile cranes
  • Lift trucks
  • Snow plows
  • Construction cranes


TruSTRENGTH Hot Rolled Plate Products

Please call for any additional details or to inquire about product offerings not included here. 


of Area

Charpy Impact (typical) 
@-40°F (-40°C)
TruSTRENGTH 110 Plate 110 ksi
(758 MPa)
Up to 0.500" Up to 60" Up to 288"

120 ksi
(827 MPa)

17% 55% 40 ft-lbs
(54.2 J)
TruSTRENGTH 130 Plate 130 ksi
(896 MPa)
Up to 0.500" Up to 60" Up to 288" 140 ksi
(965 MPa)
12% 45% 30 ft-lbs
(40.7 J)
TruSTRENGTH 140 Plate 140 ksi
(965 MPa)
Up to 0.500" Up to 60" Up to 288" 150 ksi
(1034 MPa)
11% 40% 25 ft-lbs
(33.9 J)
Chart shows minimum values unless otherwise noted.
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