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Armor and Ballistic Steel

TruShield-blue-01.png– Armor & Ballistic Steel You Can Trust

You can trust the integrity of our TruSHIELD commercial grade armor plate to protect you in the crucial moments, no matter how demanding the situation. TruSHIELD steel has earned the trust of those who routinely find themselves in harm’s way. When the protection of human life is at stake, there is no room for error.

TruSHIELD is there to provide a safe barrier and delivers complete protection.

Our product is melted and manufactured in the USA. With our independent laboratory-tested material, backed by an expert metallurgical team, CMC Impact Metals is a leading U.S. armor plate producer. Our products are in-use protecting soldiers and service members around the globe.

TruSHIELD steel provides the protection you require for products that will endure the toughest challenges, with each plate tested.


Impact Resistance and Toughness

As a result of our heat treating, quenching and tempering processes, TruSHIELD is a steel product designed to meet or exceed both commercial and military requirements, and can absorb multiple concurrent and repetitive impacts without failure. TruSHIELD provides the proper protection and toughness needed, regardless of the application.



TruSHIELD’s advanced metallurgical martensitic grain structure is produced by our unique heat-treating, quenching and tempering process and results in a steel designed to meet or exceed the required amount of hardness for every application. We produce a lightweight, impact-resistant steel with a wide range of armor grades backed by independent laboratory testing.


Ballistic Performance

TruSHIELD steel holds superior ballistic properties, which enables manufacturers to use less steel in their end applications without sacrificing the required protection levels, helping reduce weight and total costs.


Formability and Weldability

The refined chemical composition, along with our heat-treating, quench and tempering processes used to produce TruSHIELD with the ductility necessary for formability and fabrication in downstream manufacturing processes.

Manufacturers and fabricators can use many conventional, manual or automated welding processes when working with TruSHIELD products due to the steel’s advanced chemical composition and mechanical properties.

Our dedicated team of support experts can provide additional information on any forming requirements or instructions for welding upon request.


Surface Quality

TruSHIELD plate products have a superior surface quality that produces a smooth finish ready for exposed or painted applications. Customers can also inquire about shot blasting and rust preventative applications.

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