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ChromX Dowels And Tie Bars

The uncoated, corrosion resistance of ChromX® dowels and tie bars extends pavement life and offers reduced life cycle costs in both new and rehabilitated pavement projects. 

Smooth round dowels bars, generally 1”, 1 ¼” or 1 ½” in diameter by 18” long at 12” spacing across transverse joints, serve as load transfer devices in plain jointed concrete pavement to bridge vehicle loads across adjacent slabs. Tie bars are deformed steel bars that connect adjacent lanes together. 

The corrosion resistance of ChromX® pavement dowels and ties provides over 100 years of service life, avoiding the costs associated with maintenance and repair, as well as the related disruption in traffic flow. ChromX® dowel bars can be fabricated from ChromX® Series 9000 and 4000 smooth rounds in Grades 100 and 120. 

In the field, ChromX® dowels and ties can be handled just like standard uncoated dowel bars. No special equipment is needed for placement.

ChromX® also offers the high strength of 100 or 120 ksi yield, which allows for efficiencies in design and the potential of reducing materials required. This results in upfront cost savings, in addition to service life longevity. 

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