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CMC Cable provides a range of services and products for our customers. Our dedicated team of industry experts can help work with customers to develop solutions for an project. 

In addition, CMC's industry-leading team of cable experts is a valuable resource of knolwedge for anything from post tension cable, barrier cable, scanning & coring and concrete restoration, and more. Review the list below for links and descriptions for various informational articles and resources.

Should you have questions about the content below or about anything else related to post tension cable, speak to your CMC salesperson or contact CMC today.

  1. The Importance of Understanding the Depth of Post-Tension Cables
  2. Exploring the Advantages of Post-Tensioned Slab Reinforcement
  3. Can a Post-Tension Slab Be Repaired?


The Importance of Understanding the Depth of Post-Tension Cables

Post-tension cables in concrete slabs have become a cornerstone for enhancing structural integrity in modern construction. These cables, known for their strength, offer significant cost savings initially and over the long term by reducing the need for materials and minimizing future repair costs. However, their strength comes with challenges, especially when damaged. Their immense lateral force can compromise the foundation of buildings and pose serious injury risks.


Exploring the Advantages of Post-Tensioned Slab Reinforcement

Reinforcement is pivotal to any project's structural integrity and longevity in concrete construction. At CMC, we specialize in mastering the intricacies of concrete reinforcement, delivering innovative solutions tailored to the distinct needs of every project. Among the various reinforcement methods, post-tensioned slab on grade stands out for its exceptional benefits, reflecting our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in concrete construction.


Can a Post-Tension Slab be Repaired?

Even with the most advanced engineering, there may come a time when your post-tensioned concrete requires professional attention and repair. The necessity for repair does not signify a failure of the product; instead, it reflects the natural wear and tear associated with the product's lifecycle, underscoring the inevitable progression toward maintenance and renewal.


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