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Safety is our top priority

The safety and total wellness of our employees is a foundational value that is fully embraced at all levels of our organization. At CMC, we demonstrate that value each day by promoting a philosophy of Right Today and Right Tomorrow. This means we work diligently to carry out our jobs in a way that is correct, consistent and above all — safe.

CMC uses Proactive Safety Measures (PSM), an industry leading metric, that measures and manages the activities that may represent opportunities to drive safer practices and prevent the potential for workplace injuries. This approach means that every employee can contribute in a meaningful way to making CMC a safe place to work. Our commitment to safety extends beyond our employees and includes vendors, customers, and our surrounding communities. And we reinforce our message of workplace safety each and every day.


We are commited to:

  • Creating a culture that promotes and values health and safety above all else
  • Providing the necessary resources to comply with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements
  • Providing periodic training on incident prevention and continuous improvement
  • Reducing and eliminating risks through safety and health procedures and emergency preparedness programs
  • Encouraging employee participation and engagement in promoting safety
  • Developing, implementing and maintaining Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) procedures
  • Evaluating on a routine basis compliance with all applicable OH&S procedures
  • Striving for continual improvement in the effectiveness of our OH&S management efforts
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