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Loose-wound coiled rebar (commonly referred to as “wild coil”) for automatic bending machines is a common and traditional method of production within the rebar fabrication industry. While coiled rebar has benefits, it can also present a wide range of challenges. CMC Steel's spooled rebar alleviates common challenges and provides a wide range of benefits by:

  • Reducing twisting when using bending machines and problems in straightening twisted bar
  • Minimizing tangles during de-coiling
  • Increasing productivity with fewer change-outs and the ability for multi-stranding
  • Improving safety, allowing for more stable stacking and easier storage
  • Providing consistency in spool lengths and dimensions
  • Delivering larger, compact spools that increase the linear feet per spool with lower yield losses

CMC Steel is the first producer of hot-rolled, spooled rebar in the U.S. where we ship from our micro mill steelmaking facilities in Durant, Oklahoma and Mesa, Arizona.

Sizes and Grades


#3 10MM
#4 13MM
#5 16MM
#6 19MM


ASTM A615-40
ASTM A615-60
ASTM A615-75
ASTM A615-80
ASTM A615-100
ASTM A706-60

Our standard spool size is 3.5 tons, but we offer spool sizes from 2.5 tons up to 5 tons.

To learn more about spooled rebar or to request a quote, contact us today.

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