b'CMC at a Glance3 BUSINESS SEGMENTSFounded in 1915, we manufacture,For every ton of steel recycled, we save the use of:recycle and fabricate steel and metal products and related materials and services, through a network of facilities including2,500 1,400 120four electric arc furnace (EAF)pounds of pounds of pounds ofmini mills, two EAF micro mills, airon orecoallimestone rerolling mill, steel fabrication andMETALSBy using steel scrap as our primary raw material, we reduce processing plants, construction-related product warehouses andRECYCLING CO 2emissions by 58% and conserve natural resources.metal recycling facilities in the United States and Poland. Our vertical integration businessNET SALES(2018) TOTAL SHORT TONS SHIPPED(2018)model is unique and has revolutionized how the steel industry operates today. Our EAF micro and mini mill steelmaking processes consume fewer natural resources and release less emissions than alternative blast furnace steelmaking technology.MILLAs a publicly traded company$ 8,325,000(NYSE: CMC) on the Forbes4,643,723,000 Fortune 1000 list, ourPRODUCTSlongstanding professionalism and commitment to customer service has been recognized among theFOUNDED IN DALLAS, TEXAS GLOBAL EMPLOYEES(as of August 31, 2018)best in the industry.To learn more about who we are and what we do, please refer to our website. FABRICATION 1915 8,9004 COMMERCIAL METALS COMPANY52017-2018 SUSTAINABILITY REPORT'