b'UTILIZING WATER WISELY% As technology has improved, we have alsomaterial from fluff generated by our own We recognize the need for water stewardship100 of the water webeen able to recover previously landfilledshredders, as well as fluff retrieved from throughout our operations. Access to cleanferrous and nonferrous metals. We celebratedlandfills. In FY18 alone, we removed andwater is a growing concern globally and webring into CMC Steel Arizona andthe completion of a new Nonferrousre-processed more than 80,000 tons of understand the impact that water scarcityCMC Steel Texas is fully utilized. Reclamation Project on May 9, 2018, amaterial from the landfill for metals recovery. could have on our business, especially in theplant that is designed to recover nonferrous southern U.S. where several of our mills areProduction Treatment/reuselocated. We use water in our operations for process cooling, slag quenching, dust control and irrigation. Dust control LandscapingIn FY17-18, we recycled and/or reused more than 95% of the water used in our operations. CHAMPIONS OF ENERGY EFFICIENCYBusiness Solutions Program participant Energy efficiency is a valuable resource forand project that delivered the highest peak the Salt River Project (SRP) Utility Companydemand savings of all projects submitted. in central Arizona. SRP relies on theirCMC Steel Arizona reduced the mills customers energy efficiency efforts to helpenergy need during high-demand times by manage the growth of its peak demand. Theupgrading equipment and lighting to more Peak Savings Award recognizes the SRPenergy-efficient solutions. SERVING A CIRCULAR ECONOMYsave over 657,000,000 cubic feet of landfill Our business is inherently circular: steel is thespace annually.most recycled material in the world. For overMany materials produced in our processes 100 years, we have recycled metal scrap byare recycled for further use. Since 2014:melting, rolling and integrating the recovered100% of the slag produced has beenmaterial into new fabricated steel products. Ascaptured for reuseone of the worlds largest metal recyclers, our>98% of electric arc furnace dust/zinc hasvertically integrated manufacturing processesbeen recycledLeft to right: Steven Lopez (SRP), Andy Sarat (CMC), Shaun6XNagy (CMC), Travis Nagy (CMC), Edi Figueroa (CMC), Jose Hernandez (CMC), Jonah Roehl (SRP), Scott Stebbing (CMC)Our vertically integrated manufacturing processes save over 657,000,000 cubic feet of landfill space annually - thats enough to fill AT&T Stadium more than 6 times every year.14 COMMERCIAL METALS COMPANY152017-2018 SUSTAINABILITY REPORT'