b'HIGH-STRENGTH INNOVATIONTHE MARK OF QUALITY IN POLAND Our product teams are always looking forCMC Poland was recognized in FY17 with sustainable innovations that help addressthe Suststeel Products Mark, a certification societys greatest challenges and make ourfrom Bureaus Veritas in the European Union. customers jobs easier. In FY18 we beganThis mark is awarded to all products coming manufacturing ChromXa concretefrom a mill whose sustainability management reinforcing steel product designed to haveand KPI system passes the requirements high-strength capabilities, be resistant tofor the mark and this recognition helps us corrosion, and have a service life of morecommunicate the sustainability attributes of than 100 years. These material attributesour products with our European customers.mean that designers can build bridges and other structures that have a longer life cycle than traditional solutions.ChromX was used in the construction of the California Academy of Sciences Exhibition and Research Center in San Francisco, CA, which was awarded LEED platinum by the U.S. Green Building Council.PRODUCTS THAT SUPPORTour products can make positive contributions GREENER OPERATIONS to the LEED rating system.We are an active member and supporter of theWe published Environmental Product efforts of the U.S. Green Building Council andDeclarations (EPD) for all CMC products in the Leadership in Energy and Environmental2015 and were the first rebar fabricator to Design (LEED) initiative. produce an EPD. An EPD is an environmental All of CMCs steel mills utilize state-of-the-artcertification that quantifies and verifies the Electric Arc Furnace Technology to make steel.life cycle impacts of products. Our EPDs This technology uses pre- and post-consumerhelp building developers and engineers in recycled scrap as the primary raw material forthe construction sector make more informed the steelmaking process and comprises ondecisions when choosing among different average, 96.0% recycled content. Given theproduct providers in order to build sustainable high percentage of recycled materials we use,construction and receive LEED certification.ChromX reinforces theRoute 460 Connector Bridge in Virginia.30 COMMERCIAL METALS COMPANY312017-2018 SUSTAINABILITY REPORT'