b'About this ReportG U I DR IThis Sustainability Highlights ReportUprovides information on the most relevantNenvironmental, social and governance topicsfor our business. This report provides an Goverview of our sustainability strategy, how Owe identify and assess emerging sustainability issues, and the progress we are making onour priority sustainability topics. P SREPORT SCOPE & BOUNDARYR EThis report covers key activities from ourI N L2017 and 2018 fiscal years, which began inC I PSeptember 2016 and ended in August 2018. The highlights and key performance metrics presented in this report are from FY17 and 18, except for our environmental performance data, which is collected and managed on a calendar year basis. Unless otherwise shown, we are reporting data and information from our globalOur Guiding Principles are our core beliefs. They form the strong foundation on which enterprise, which includes our recycling, millswe build present and future success. They are the bond that links us together as ONE and fabrication business segments. This report does not include our acquisition of 33 rebarTEAM, and they are critically important to sustain our company through the years ahead. fabrication facilities in the U.S. that occurred in November 2018, as well as steel mills located in Knoxville, Tennessee; Jacksonville, Florida;WHO WE ARESayreville, New Jersey and Rancho Cucamonga, California, also acquired from Gerdau S.A. inCMC is a global metals company committed to delivering industry-leading customer November 2018 (NYSE: GGB). These locations will be covered in our next report. All financialservice, providing an environment where our employees can succeed, improving our information is presented in U.S. dollars unless otherwise noted. communities and creating value for our investors.DEFINING REPORT CONTENTWHAT WE DOInformation provided in this report is targeted at our key stakeholders, whom weve identifiedPlace the customer at the core of all we do. We believe that if we focus on meeting as our customers, employees, communitiesthe needs of our customers, we will succeed. We work hard at understanding our and shareholders. This report covers the sustainability topics that are most important tocustomers needs and providing creative solutions that add value to their businesses.those stakeholders and have the most impact on our company, and it complements our financialStay committed to our employees. We care for our employees by providing an reporting. We include several General and Topic-Specific Disclosures from the Global Reportingenvironment where safety is our top concern and where employees have the opportunity Initiative (GRI) Reporting Standards, but we arefor both personal and professional growth. We foster a culture that challenges not claiming to report in accordance with those Standards. A GRI Content Index is providedconventional thinking, promotes teamwork, requires accountability and rewards success.at the back of this report to help stakeholders find information relevant to their needs. We areGive back to our communities. We take seriously the responsibility that comes with committed to issuing sustainability updates on abeing a good corporate citizen and are dedicated to making a positive impact in our biennial basis to show our progress. local communities where we live and work.RESTATEMENTSCreate value for our investors. We strive to be the strongest company in the metalsThe data collected for this report has beenindustry by having a passion for cost efficiency, using our resources effectively and gathered using robust systems and tools that help manage our reporting process. Continuousachieving our goal of consistent, profitable growth.improvement of our data collection and analysis processes is an ongoing focus for CMC. The one adjustment we have made this year is to ourWHAT WE BELIEVEpercent of recycled input materials in 2014. Previous reports listed the figure as 96.7%,TABLE OF CONTENTS Act with integrity by honoring our commitments, being accountable for our actions using updated data the number is recalculated to 95.6%. and acting with respect for others.2 CEO Letter 18 Valuing Our People4 CMC at a Glance 24 Investing in Local Communities Dedicate ourselves to making the safety of our employees a top priority.6 Performance Highlights 28 Delivering Exceptional Products andPromote collaboration by working together as a team to provide exceptional results.8 Sustainability Strategy Customer ServiceEncourage excellence by challenging ourselves to improve everything we do.and Management Approach 32 GRI Content Index12 Our Environmental StewardshipCOMMERCIAL METALS COMPANY12017-2018 SUSTAINABILITY REPORT'