b'OUR SUSTAINABILITY STRATEGY AND MANAGEMENT APPROACHIDENTIFYING THE ISSUESOUR SUSTAINABILITY FOCUS AREASTHAT MATTER MOSTOur initial sustainability materiality assessment in 2014 helped us identify andENVIRONMENTAL COMMITMENTSTEWARDSHIP TO OUR PEOPLEformalize the four focus areas that formEnergy & GHG Health, Safetythe basis of our sustainability strategy. WeEmissions Reduction & Wellnessreview our priorities each year to validateCircular Economy Diversity & Inclusion that we are focusing on not only the right& Materials Recovery Attraction & Retention Water Stewardship Talent Aquisition high-level categories of performance, butPerformancealso prioritizing and investing in the rightManagement Regular review of our priorityactivities within each of these focus areas.Learning &Development topics ensures we meet theFor example, this review in 2018 helped usTotal Rewardschanging needs of the marketsdetermine that expectations of some keyBUSINESS ETHICSstakeholders were increasing around ourEthics & Integritywe operate in, as well aspolicies, practices and transparency relatedGood Governancechanging expectations of ourto diversity. We added this topic to ourLOCAL COMMUNITY Values/Guiding CUSTOMER SERVICEfocus areas and have assessed our baselineINVESTMENT & Principles & PRODUCT key stakeholders, including ourperformance.ENGAGEMENT RESPONSIBILITYCommunity Helping Customers customers, employees, localEngagement Reduce their Environmental communities and shareholders. Charitable Footprints throughContributionsEmployee our ProductsVolunteerism Exceptional Customer Service & Feedback Mechanisms8 COMMERCIAL METALS COMPANY92017-2018 SUSTAINABILITY REPORT'