b'BETTER BENEFITS HEALTHY DECISIONS Commercial Metals Company wasWe made several improvements to our HealthA critical success factor in the early recognized in FY18 as a Top 25& Welfare program in 2018 based on thedetection and prevention of illness is a strong Company for Diversity in Texas. One hundred Texas Fortune 1000 companiesfeedback we received.relationship with a health care provider. We were surveyed and those with the highestA few notable changes are: adjusted our approach in FY17, educating all percentage of women and minorityemployees on the importance of an annual inclusion in their executive leadershipphysical and promoting the use of in-network and Board of Directors positions wereDecreased premiums for a largeselected as award recipients. At themajority of our employees by physicians to cut out of pocket costs for annual Texas Diversity and Leadershipadding salary banded premiums employees.Conference held in Dallas, Barbara Smith, Chairman, President and CEOOne CMC employees story is a strong accepted the award on behalf of CMC. Eliminated a High Deductible example of why we changed from Health Plan (HDHP) recommending basic biometric screenings to annual physicals. Nelson Chandler is a ENCOURAGING DIVERSITYDETERMINING WHATEnhanced our PPO plan makingCMC driver from Lexington, SC. During his MAKES US DIFFERENTaccess to care more affordable annual physical, Nelsons doctor identified It has always been important to us to fosteran enlarged lymph node and he was soon an inclusive culture where our collectiveIn 2017, we surveyed nearly 800 employeesdiagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. After efforts leverage diverse points of view andin 35 locations to better understand whatIncluded Telehealth with a zerodollar copay surgery, Nelsons health is back on track enable us to realize superior solutions. Inattracted them to CMC, and why they haveand hes more aware than ever of his health FY18, we enhanced our commitment andstayed with us. We learned: and taking care of himself - in his words, it released a formal Workplace & Human RightsEmployees value development Increased the annual maximumbenefit for our Premium Dental Plan changed my life, completely.Policy. This policy complements our Guidingopportunities, so we expanded ourand added adult orthodontia benefitsPrinciples and our Code of Conduct andleadership development program in the U.S.Nelson chose to share his story with his fellow Business Ethics, and holds us accountableand Poland.CMC coworkers in the hopes that they would to protecting, and respecting, human rightsBenefits such as scholarships and tuitionEMPOWERING OUR PEOPLE learn from his experience. Think about yourfor all.reimbursement are as important as At CMC, we are proud of our talented globalhealth. Go to the doctor Get your annual health & safety benefits and should workforce. We are strong believers that ourphysical like you are supposed to, so you can In addition to this new policy, we are workingbe a continued focus.employees are central to CMCs successbe around to take care of your family and to increase: Characteristics that differentiate us and our ability to achieve our commitmentsenjoy life.Visibility of CMC as a viable employer for include promoting a results-oriented,to our customers, communities andSince implementation of the annual physical women through the Association of Womencollaborative, selfless and positive shareholders. We understand the importanceprogram, which close to 94% of eligible CMC in Metals Industry Group (AWMI), which weworking environment. of empowering our employees to achieveemployees in FY18 participated in, we have have been members of since 1999, and bytheir full potential and contribute to business partnering with Jefferson State CommunityThis prompted us to formalize heard positive feedback directly from our Colleges Hard Hats and High Heelsthese characteristics as culture ideas and innovations. Diversity and inclusionemployees ranging from losing weight and program in Birmingham, AL.differentiators and incorporate are central to our companys ethos and wedecreasing cholesterol, all the way to Nelsons Visibility with all ethnicities by posting jobthem in our hiring and onboarding appreciate that each employees uniquecancer survivor story.experiences and perspectives are critical in ads in multiple languages in local markets. process. Awareness of unconscious bias in recruiting creating a culture that engages and inspires. For more information on our inclusive culture, & hiring processes. visit our website.22 COMMERCIAL METALS COMPANY232017-2018 SUSTAINABILITY REPORT'