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ChromX - Parking Structures

ChromX® is the innovative solution for parking structures

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ChromX® rebar is well-suited for parking structure construction.
ChromX® a superior alternative to other forms of corrosion resistant steel reinforcement.

Our ChromX® brand of steel reinforcing products provides exceptional benefits for designers, contractors and architects working on any parking structure that calls for a long service life, high-strength requirements and corrosion resistance.

Designers have the confidence to know that by using ChromX® products, they are getting the advantages of ChromX® rebar's patented technology which brings 5X the corrosion resistance of conventional rebar, and is a markedly advanced alternative to other steel reinforcements like epoxy-coated or galvanized steel rebar.

Over the lifetime of the structure, ChromX® steel will pay significant dividends in cost savings. The combination of its superior corrosion resistance and high-strength properties means fewer concrete spalling repairs, which will help to increase the overall service life for the project.

Between the superior corrosion resistance, high strength, low service cost and minimal repairs and low life-cycle maintenance costs, ChromX® steel is an ideal solution, well-suited to stand the test of time in any parking structure project.

Learn more about how ChromX products have been applied by going through our ChromX® Project Profiles.

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