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ChromX - U.S. Navy Modular Hybrid Pier

ChromX® brings corrosion resistance, high strength and cost-savings to Modular Hybrid Pier project for U.S. Navy

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MHP shown under construction.
ChromX® steel used throughout project.
Precast concrete panels erected.

In 2004, a specially-designed, large-scale modular hybrid floating pier (MHP) was constructed and erected in San Diego, California, for the United States Navy utilizing innovative and advanced technologies, including ChromX® reinforcing steel.

A requirement for the project included up to a 100-year repair-free service life – a considerable challenge when accounting for the highly corrosive environment in which the pier would be both constructed and located. ChromX® steel provided an excellent alternative to more conventional stainless steel rebar which was found to be cost-prohibitive if it were the only reinforcing product used.

By using ChromX®, designers were able to significantly reduce the amount of steel needed, leading to a reduction in cost that saved approximately $2.8 million for the project versus using all stainless steel.

The use of ChromX® steel in this project contributes to a growing library of information on the benefits of ChromX® steel for applications in marine and other potentially corrosive environments.

At the time of construction, this project represented the largest application of ChromX® to-date for a marine project.

Download a one-page profile document on this project here.

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