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ChromX - Lesner Bridge

Upgraded, innovative new bridge called for corrosion resistant ChromX® solution for long life

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Lesner Bridge, under construction

Lesner Bridge, under construction.

The Lesner Bridge is a twin bridge that crosses an inlet near the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The two original bridge spans, initially constructed in 1958 and 1967, were considered insufficient for the ultimate requirements and needs of the bridge, resulting in a call for updated and upgraded bridge spans.

Construction on the new bridges, built in parallel to the existing bridges to minimize traffic disruption, began in 2014. Goals for the new bridges included the ability to handle upward of 40,000 passengers per day, while still also ensuring a 100-year design life. This posed potential challenges due to the bridges’ coastal location and positioning over the inlet, as corrosion would play a significant impact on the design life for the completed bridges.

ChromX® reinforcing steel was ultimately selected as the appropriate material to both meet the requirements for the structure while also overcoming the challenges of the corrosive environment. The primary contractor opted to use ChromX® steel for all structural reinforcement for the new Lesner Bridge project.

ChromX® rebar has been independently verified to have a substantially higher chloride threshold value than that of conventional rebar, which makes it a superior alternative reinforcing material for certain bridge construction from the standpoint of corrosion resistance.

In design and construction of the bridge spans, the foundation is supported by 4-foot diameter drilled shafts to a depth of approximately 110 feet. Columns for the spans were designed in such a way to withstand significant load during the construction phase, as compared to the actual load during regular service. Columns were designed with post-tensioned bars graded at 150 ksi.

When evaluating different types of reinforcing bar for life cycle cost specifically for bridge construction, ChromX® products often demonstrate both a higher service life (the amount of time from project completion to the first repair) at lower initial costs, as well as subsequent repair costs over the life of the bridge.

Construction of the last of the two new bridge spans was completed in 2016, with the full Lesner Bridge operational and open to traffic in November 2016.

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