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ChromX - Escala Condos

ChromX® provides the right combination of high-strength and corrosion resistance for commercial and high-rise projects.

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Escala Condominiums in Seattle, WA

The Escala Condominiums in
Seattle, Washington

Column cage stood up, ready for concrete pouring.

ChromX® steel used in confinement for the structure's columns

In 2008, construction wrapped on the Escala Condominiums, a multi-story high-rise residential building in Seattle, Washington.

The Escala Condominiums project posed some unique challenges as a result of its design requirements, with the building featuring eight floors below grade and 31 floors above. The construction required the proper level of high-strength support necessary for such a project.

Columns and shear walls for the condos were constructed using ChromX® steel, including 100 ksi yield seismic confinement ties.

By using ChromX® steel products, designers, engineers and contractors can ensure an improved service life with minimal long-term maintenance cost due to the intrinsic high-strength properties of the material, along with superior levels of corrosion resistance.

ChromX® products have been independently tested and verified to have up to twice the strength of conventional steel rebar, with improved ductility as well. This results in less steel required to achieve the same level of support, leading to increased design flexibility, quicker construction times and decreased congestion in columns.

In addition to its high-strength qualities, ChromX® features up to 5X the corrosion resistance of conventional rebar, which ensures minimal repair costs due to corrosion, as well as a low life-cycle cost for the high rise.

From cost, strength and corrosion resistance perspectives, ChromX® rebar is a proven superior alternative to epoxy-coated rebar, galvanized steel rebar and other concrete reinforcements.

Learn more about the Escala Condominiums project, and see additional examples of how ChromX® has been integrated into other building construction projects.

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