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Flat Bar Gr 80-130

High Strength Steel Flat Bar 80-130 KSI

CMC Impact Metals flat bar is a mild steel, offered in three grades, that has been heat-treated to increase the steel’s strength while lowering the weight where cost savings are required. High strength flat bar is for use in many areas such as residential and commercial construction, automobile manufacturing and mining. More specifically, it's primarily used in the truck/trailer, logging, heavy-haul and other transportation industries.

Steel flats heat-treated to 80-130 KSI yield strength, as well as other mechanical testing requirements. After heat treatment, product is intended for use in applications requiring combination of high strength, weldability and toughness.


Flat Bar Grades of 80, 100 and 130 ksi min yield with Charpy V-Notch testing *

3” – 10” 1/4” – 2” 20’ – 53’ Impact 980
3” – 10” 1/4” – 2” 20’ – 53’ Impact 80
3” – 10” 1/4” – 2” 20’ – 53’ Impact 100
3” – 10” 1/4” – 2” 20’ – 53’ Impact 130

Mechanical Properties

Yield Strength (0.2%) 80-130 KSI
Tensile Strength 95-165 KSI
Elongation in 2" 14-18%
Methods In accordance with ASTM A370, latest revision
Frequency Per heat, per size, and per heat treat load
Minimum values unless otherwise noted.


Standard Dimensional Tolerances

Cross-sectional dimensions Per ASTM A6, tables 17 (angles) and 26 (flats)
Straightness 1/8 inch in 5 FT maximum deviation
Length Per ASTM A6, table 30

Recommended Welding Practices*

This steel can be welded by conventional processes such as SMAW, SAW and GMAW provided that the weld procedures used are suitable for this grade and the intended service of the steel. Proper weld procedures should include the following:

  1. Low Hydrogen conditions must be used.
  2. Preheating to 200-500°F is required for heavy sections, (>0.750"), and recommended for thinner sections to eliminate moisture.
  3. Slow cooling rates should be avoided to prevent low touchness in the HAZ.

*These statements are general guidelines. CMC Impact Metals is not responsible for the results of any welding work performed.

Test Report Information Provided

  • Description of product
  • Heat number, and chemical analysis of all elements listed from ladle analysis
  • Mechanical test results per heat/size

*Inquire about other merchant products such as channels and beams and other sizes not listed above.

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