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Construction Segments Ideal For ChromX

ChromX® is used to build some of the world's most critically-engineered construction projects. 

Manufactured from recycled scrap, ChromX® rebar can be found in the world’s best-engineered construction projects. Since 2002, this revolutionary steel product has been specified in public infrastructure and public / private development projects throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Middle East.

ChromX® high-strength and corrosion resistant rebar is specially formulated and designed for use as concrete reinforcement in commercial, industrial, utilities, waterways, transportation and other reinforced concrete applications, including:

Buildings (commercial buildings, high-rise structures, slabs, beams, columns)

Bridges (decks, girders, columns, abutments)

Deep Foundations (basements, buoyancy rafts, caissons, cylinders, drilled shaft, pile)

Pavement (dowel bars and lane tie bars)

Marine Structures (seawalls, retaining walls, docks, fenders, piers, canals & waterways, ports, marinas, permeable pile groins & jetties)


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